Who is John Panichella?

As a child, I was always a little bit different from everyone else. While I enjoyed things that other kids liked, such as playing video games and building with LEGOs, I also spent my time doing things that others did not. I used my imagination to create concepts for video game consoles, or role-played with my friends,  pretending we were different characters. But the one constant in my life was writing. With pen and paper I could create worlds. I wrote countless poems, and short stories. I even took computer paper and colored pencils to make my own magazine that I tried to sell in front of my house. It was clear that from a very young age that writing was my creative outlet.

Fast forward to now, I am 24 years old and a celebrity journalist, talent manager, and publicist in Los Angeles, California. I have interviewed countless celebrities and been on more red carpets than I ever thought would be possible. This journey has been crazy, but I am starting to realize this is just the start.

As they say, we are all endlessly creating ourselves. Now is the time to create the next chapter of my life.